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ROTC (Ride Operator Training Certification)
is a Ride Trainer certification program designed to improve Operator performance through a curriculum that introduces the specific skills that form one cycle of operation for any ride or attraction and how to teach those skills. Discuss teaching philosophy: Learn it! Link it! Live it! The program is developed in accordance with ASTM International guidelines for rides and attractions. Course learning outcomes include identifying the Critical Component skills that form one cycle of operation to standard, demonstration of the Critical Component skills, effective use of operator scripting and managing rider situations through drills, exercises and simulations in the classroom and at various attraction types. Students are evaluated on critical component skill performance, a written examination and evaluation of a videotaped teaching assignment. Successful candidates achieve a two (2) year certification. ROTC School candidates achieve an Instructor certification qualifying them to train the ROTC Trainer course at their work location. Click HERE to find out more information about the next ROTC course.

“WOW” Guest Service
Before one can provide great service, one must first understand what guest service is. The class provides insight on the characteristics and challenges of customer service, the guests’ perception of employees, and a hands-on approach of how to provide a positive guest experience.

Supervisory Basics
This class focuses on understanding the importance and the responsibilities of being a successful supervisor. Functions of a supervisor will be identified including appearance, manners, ethics and flexibility and how it fits into the role of supervision. Your role as a supervisor not only reflects on your job performance, but that of your team.

Dealing with Today’s Workforce
You hear it all the time, “ the work force just isn’t what it once was”…. Actually, it can be better if you understand the age group and how to tap into the younger generation. The class will discuss how to make the connection with our employees and get them to do their best.

Developing & Improving Training Programs
“Train the Trainer” class discussing various types of learners and how to effectively teach to each type. Class will include how to organize topics, re-energize existing programs, utilize hands on activities, and measure the success of training.

Coaching Safe Behaviors
A class for managers and supervisors on the perils of unsafe operational behavior. The issues of unsafe behavior are addressed through an overall action plan, including hiring, recruiting, training and the actual process. Participants realize that a strong coach has a game plane, communicates the expectations and is on the field or court.

Survivor Tools for Coaching your Team
This class covers various aspects and methods for coaching employees to success while developing depth for future operations.

Managing Change
Most people are fearful of change because they don’t believe they have any control over what happens to them. Since change happens either to the individual or by the individual, it is important to understand how both initiate change and adapt to it quickly. This course is designed to provide an insight into the change process and useful tools that your team can use through difficult situations with a positive outcome.

Advanced Leadership Self-First
Before one can lead others, one must be able to identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses first. When an individual understands himself or herself, they can lead efficiently while understanding and embracing the uniqueness of others.

Take Care 2
An internal customer service class, this class focuses on how to provide exceptional internal customer service for the ultimate pay off of having happy employees. When employees are satisfied they will meet and even exceed outlined expectations. We like to say, “When employees ain’t happy, nobody ain’t happy.” This class is designed to re-energize management and provide solution oriented ideas to motivate employees.

Time Management
Most people feel frustrated with a day that is unproductive. We would all like to get more done in one day. The idea of “time management" creates a false impression of what person is able to do. Time is uncontrollable, yet we can manage our self and the use of our time. Time management is actually self-management. This class is designed to help the busy professional learn new ways to motivate themselves to gain better control of their time and their life.

Everyone can become a better communicator. This class will ways to communicate more effectively, understand the importance of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, through the use of role-plays.





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