Creative Hospitality, Safety Training & Auditing for the Amusement Industry

What We Do

General Consulting for Amusement

Creative Operational Concepts specializes in assessment of hospitality, operation and safety for clients. Our third party assessments identify strengths and weaknesses and provide an overview of equipment, procedures and processes to improve friendliness, safety, efficiency and, profitability for an organization. Assessments include a detailed report and a debriefing.

Reports and debriefing will include:

  * issues and gaps identified during assessment
* recommendations & suggested solutions
* protocols, and equipment enhancements

Training (Classroom & On-Site)

We offer training courses for an array of topics from Leadership skills to front line job performance standard operating procedures and Training the Trainer (ROTC). All courses are highly interactive and participatory making them learner engaged. Students leave courses with necessary tools to perform their job duties.

Click on any of our courses below to see a brief synopsis.

ROTC (Ride Operational Training Certification)

"WOW" Guest Service
Supervisory Basics
Dealing With Today's Workforce
Developing & Improving Training Programs
Coaching Safe Behaviors
Survival Tools for Coaching Your Team
Managing Change
Advanced Leadership Self-First
Take Care 2
Time Management

Roller Coaster Ride

Developing and Evaluating (Protocol, Procedures and Handbooks)

Creative Operational Concepts provides clients with improving their processes and training with three services.

  1. Developing & writing Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Reviewing and evaluating existing training materials, standard operating materials and policies programs
  3. Auditing and mystery shop services that can be customized if requested.

Auditing (Operations, Hospitality & Safety)

Creative Operational Concepts conducts undercover video audits and mystery shop assessments. Video audits focus on employee behavior for operational safety & guest service while mystery shop assessments capture entire guest experience of a business’ operation. The goal of the audit is to capture a true snapshot of front line in the field performance and its impact on Guest experience.

All audits and Shops include:

  1. A review and debriefing with management
  2. Written report documenting audit observations & findings
  3. Documentation review of training for employees audited
  4. A copy of video footage * - (only for video auditing service option)



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